Building Together.
Our Strategic Partnerships.

At Pencil Dezign and Partners, we have a long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional services in the field of mega projects. We understand the importance of sustainable design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) in creating structures that are not only impressive in scale but also sustainable and beneficial for society and the planet.







Our team of experts is committed to providing the best possible services to our clients, and we take pride in delivering sustainable designs that minimize the environmental impact of mega projects. Our sustainable design strategies focus on reducing energy consumption, optimizing building orientation and layout, and incorporating energy-efficient technologies. We also prioritize creating healthy and comfortable indoor environments for occupants by using natural ventilation, daylighting, and non-toxic materials.

In conclusion, if you are looking for sustainable design and high-quality BIM models with LOD 400 for your mega project, look no further than Pencil Dezign and Partners.

Behind our commitment to sustainable mega projects are our trusted partners. We collaborate with several specialized engineering teams that each bring their unique set of skills and expertise to our projects. From structural engineering to electrical and mechanical engineering, our partners help us ensure the best results in every endeavor.

Fonksiyon Muhendislik

Our structural engineering team is backed by Fonksiyon Muhendislik, a company known for its expertise in the field of structural engineering. They specialize in the use of various construction materials including steel and concrete, and their comprehensive civil engineering services contribute to our ability to execute mega projects efficiently.


Our electrical engineering team collaborates with WHD, a team of professionals with extensive experience in electrical engineering. They also bring expertise in IT, enhancing the technology-driven approach to our mega projects. Additionally, their knowledge in landside infrastructure bolsters our capabilities in designing and executing complex structures.

Aner Group

We are proud to work alongside the Aner Group for our mechanical engineering needs. Their team provides expertise in Mechanical and PH Engineering, as well as crucial fire fighting services. With their contributions, we are able to ensure that our mega projects are not only structurally impressive but also safe and functional.